magnetic screen door

More than 60 standard sizes of magnetic door screens and custom screens.


Magnetic screen door is made of durable fiberglass heavy duty screen mesh, which has better quality, longer service life than polyester screen mesh and it is fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance.


The middle seam of the screen door netting is strategically lined with 36 powerful magnet strips that allow the door to open easily and close seamlessly for the best seal and closure.


Full frame hook & loop make the screen curtain more sticky and not easy to fall off. And to secure the screen doors with magnets into its place much more stable, we provide extra push pins in the package.


magnetic screen door

magnetic screen door

Magnetic screen doors are a homeowner's best friend. They keep flying bugs out, let in the breeze, and your pets and kids can go in and out as they please without worrying about keeping doors shut.

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Customer Reviews

I have an old French door that no one could put a screen on. And there on Magnetic Screen Door was my solution. It fits perfectly and is not as opaque as I was afraid of. Easy to install too.

Marcus Lewis

Wow, this is a great screen door. Took a little bit of work to kine it up. Once completed, closes great. Stays closed even in wind, don't over tighten it, give room to close properly.Will buy again

Colette Johnson

This is awesome! Its a little big for my door I needed it for but I made it work. My dog is enjoying being able to go out and come back in from the yard as he pleases. I highly recommend this screen!

Jason on

I figured out it works best if you have some slack so the flaps can swing back and close. Because of this I did have to move the Velcro around a few times. Even with moving it its still holding great. I highly recommend this screen!

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