Magnetic Thermal Insulated Door Curtain Visible Windows

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Make you spend a comfortable winterThe winter cold is creeping up on you ...... , which doesn't just happen when you open the door. Instead, it finds its...

Make you spend a comfortable winter

The winter cold is creeping up on you ...... , which doesn't just happen when you open the door. Instead, it finds its way in through gaps that you may not realize exist until you walk into the right area and feel the wind.

So you need a magnetic insulated door curtain to help you get through this winter. Not only will you have a comfortable temperature, but you'll also save a ton of money on your electric bill.

Choose a proper size. Please carefully measure your outer door frame size before purchasing in case it is too narrow for your door width. If it is equal to or a little larger than the minimum outer door frame size, then this screen door will be suitable for your door.

Coldproof and heat insulation 2 in 1. Built-in white cotton can heat and sound insulation. In summer, it can keep the room cool and prevent high temperatures from entering; in winter, it can keep the room warm and prevent cold wind from entering.

A multipurpose Thermal Door Cover. Thickened scratch-proof Oxford cloth, and more polyester fiber cotton filling are used to make this insulated cotton door curtain the best choice for a warmer winter and a cooler summer. The insulated curtain provides great protection against cold air, draught, heat loss, dust, smell, and water, which will save energy efficiently as well as your electrical bills.

Magnets with stronger suction. The magnetic self-closing design offers you a great experience with hands-free opening and quietly automatic closing, which is also friendly for pets and children. The seams in the middle of the thermal door screen are sewn with longer and stronger magnetic strips to ensure the magnetic opening and closing. It is easy to push through even when you are holding things in your hands and it will seal quickly and quietly after passing.

Easy installation. The product contains a free Velcro fastener, which can be installed quickly without drilling and not damaging the door frame, no tools, can be disassembled. The thermal door curtain comes with a roll of 4 cm hook tape (for the left and right), a roll of 4 cm hook tape (to reinforce the top part), a box of drawing pins (optional to use), and an installation manual. Please clean the frame before installing it and press the tape to the frame hard for a few seconds to fix it. You can also heat the tape with a hairdryer and leave it on the frame for 24 hours before attaching the door curtain to make the adhesion to the maximum extent.

WE OFFER SIZE ADJUSTMENT SERVICES. If you can't find the right size, you can order a custom size and then contact us to confirm the size you want. Due to the manual cutting of the thermal curtain, all dimensions have an error of 0-2cm, which can usually be adjusted by adjusting the installation position without affecting the use.
Note: Some items are sent via international express shipping, please pay attention to the delivery time before placing an order. Please contact us if you have any problems when using the item, even if the item has been used, we provide excellent customer service.

ADDITION NOTE. The magnetism would be better if the top center could be slightly higher than the sides; Align the adsorption position of adjacent magnets; The hook tape won’t stick well on the concrete or plaster wall and may slide down on the iron/metal frame; You may need to close the door curtain manually if you install it to an iron/metal door as the magnet strips may be attracted to the door. Drawing pins can be used for wooden door frames as extra support, but they will leave small holes.

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Magnetic Thermal Insulated Door Curtain Visible Windows
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