How To Measure Magnetic Screen Door(Regular Size)

The screen for door is a reasonable investment in comfort for all within your house. They are able to withstand years of use and you would only wish that you had always had a screen door such as this on your house when you realize just how much simpler life having a screen door abruptly becomes.

Measure Screen Doors Carefully

Before purchasing any screen door you want to carefully measure your existing door opening. Homeowners have to read carefully and make sure that they are buying a screen that is a bit larger than their door so that it has room to clasp on during installation. If an item has a screen that measures 38″ x 97″ that would cover approximately a door sized 36″ x 96″.

Mesure your door firstly (Measure door frame size not door size.)

Make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides when installing in order to be balanced.

Press the adhesive tape until secure and don't move the curtain for the first 24 hours.

Suitable for normally size doors: french door, sliding door, kitchen doors, entry door, patio door, front door, main entrance doors. . Magnetic Screen Door will perfectly in shape most of the door frames. It’s very easy to installation this magnetic screen door way to a useful consumer manual, which include a video client guide. Additionally, the material is durably made so that your puppy, dog or cat, gained’t tear it up.

The above-mentioned magnetic screen doors are available in more than 80 different sizes so that everyone can discover appropriate ft for his or her respective doorways. There are also superb alternatives for people with French doorways. So, simply choose one that first-class suits your needs.

Products with alternatives are always a bargain. And the fine magnetic mesh screen door gives you alternatives. You ought to select to connect is using Velcro strips if your door frame is flat. But if it has a floor that's uneven, you may toughen the Velcro strips with nails or thumbtacks. Both the tacks and the Velcro are protected in the delivery box, so you have all the hardware you need.

The magnetic door screen lets in for palms-loose use and slips effortlessly returned into vicinity. But the transport container also carries tiebacks so you can preserve the curtains out of the way. The display is translucent, and it's excellent sufficient to preserve bugs out even as resisting damage from wind and awful weather. It's machine cleanable and completely retractable, so you can easily cast off it on wash day. These magnetic display doorways are pretty and sensible. You can use them while your fingers are full, and you could effortlessly pull them down for washing. They even have tiebacks!

Additional Features

Magnetic screen doors can come with a few different extra features that make them easier to use, including full-strip magnets, pet doors, and side snaps to hold the doors open.

Full-strip magnets are used instead of individually placed magnets in some models. The entire closing strip of the magnetic screen door is filled with thin, rectangular magnets to help keep the door closed even in strong wind gusts.

Pet doors are small screen doors that open with a push from your dog, cat, or any similar-size pet. They can be installed directly into the mesh of a standard screen door. The pet door stays closed using magnets in the frame that hold the swinging portion of the door in place when not in use.

Side snaps, which are available on some models, keep the doors open without people having to push through the screen. They act like curtain ties to keep the two mesh screens open and can be unsnapped when closing the mesh screen is desired.


Magnetic screen doors are generally very simple to install by a DIYer if the manufacturer’s directions are followed. Though quality models stay in place quite well when properly installed, they may be considered as temporary screen doors since taking them down can be done easily. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during installation:

Does your door open inward or outward? To avoid impeding the swing of the door, install the magnetic screen door opposite the swing. Inward swinging doors should have screens installed on the outside of the frame. Outward swinging doors should have the screen installed on the inside of the frame.

Magnetic screen doors must be affixed to the doorframe using a strong adhesive, finishing nails, or pushpins. The type of frame, be it metal, wood, or an alternate material, will limit your choice of installation fasteners.

After installing the magnetic screen door, check that the magnets at the end of each screen link to each other. If they don’t, the installation was done incorrectly and the door will not close properly. You’ll need to remove the door and reinstall it correctly so the magnets align.


A magnetic screen door must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend the life of the screen. Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth or other duster to remove the dirt and debris from the mesh, and wash weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Mesh screens should always be left to air dry; do not put them in a dryer, which could damage them.

You may prefer to purchase a Velcro system that attaches to the doorframe and to the magnetic screen door edging using adhesive. The magnetic screen door is attached to the Velcro lining as needed and is just as easily removed for washing by hand in a sink.

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